Blue Copper Maran-An Exciting Chicken breed

Blue copper maran are a type of rare and exotic chicken breed that is known for its superior flavor and beautiful feathers. They are quite hard to come by and are becoming increasingly rare as time goes on.

The breed was developed in France and is known for its beautiful dark coloring and unique blue and copper patterned feathers. The feathers are tipped with black, giving the birds a striking appearance. 

The breed is known for its fine-textured, dark-brown meat and egg shells. This makes them a popular choice among poultry farmers, especially those who value taste and aesthetics.

The birds are quite active and have a good foraging instinct, but they are not as friendly as some other types.

They are not suitable for crowded places, however, and need plenty of space to move and scratch in search of food.

Blue copper maran have a longer life expectancy than other chicken breeds, with some birds living up to 15 years if well cared for.

The birds are known to be good layers.Their second year is often when they start laying eggs, and they can lay up to three eggs every week.

Those who value fine-textured, dark-brown eggs are very interested in these eggs because of their great flavor and quality.

Blue Copper Maran Eggs

If you’re looking for an unusual addition to your backyard flock, then you should consider the blue copper maran chicken.

They are an uncommon breed of chicken originally from France and their eggs are an absolute delight. 

Blue copper maran eggs are a unique and flavorful addition to any dish. This breed is well-known for its beautiful eggs.

The eggs come in a range of colors, including a striking dark green or blue-green, and they are the most desired color for maran eggs. 

Most maran eggs will be brown in color, but copper maran eggs tend to be on the dark side. These eggs, however, stand out from the rest, and are a real prize for any flock keeper. 

In addition to their vibrant coloring, these eggs have a unique flavor unlike that of any other egg. 

They tend to be larger than white or brown eggs, with a richer flavor, and a much creamier texture that makes them a favorite among chefs.

The flavor is described as having a much natural, fuller flavor than that of a supermarket egg.

Copper Blue Maran Chickens

Copper blue maran chickens are a rare breed of chickens prized for the original rich, copper blue feathering and their laying capacity.

They are a soft feather bird with coloring unique among the breeds of backyard chickens. 

While the breed has not been widely accepted in the United States it is growing in popularity in some areas.

Copper blue maran chickens are thought to have their origins in the Southwestern region of France, according to the North American Poultry Conservancy. 

The breed was first seen in France in the late 19th century by Monsieur Maran, from whom these birds take their name.

They are still a rare breed, although they can now be found in Europe, the United States, and Canada. 

Copper blue marans are dual-purpose chickens, used both for egg-laying and for rooster meat production.

A maran rooster typically weighs in the range of 7-7.5 lbs, and the hens 5-6 lbs, making them an ideal size for smaller farms and backyards. 

As with other chickens, however, be aware they do require a certain amount of feed and space in order to stay healthy and happy.

Blue Copper Maran Rooster

The Blue Copper Maran Rooster is an exotic bird that is gaining in popularity among backyard chicken enthusiasts.

This chicken is known for its striking coloration, unique patterning, and friendly personality. 

The Blue Copper Maran is a rare and beloved breed that has an impressive lineup of benefits to offer its owner.

To begin, the Blue Copper Maran is known for its rare blue color and copper feathers. Its unique coloring combination is a sight to behold. 

These birds have darker colored heads, with the feather patterning resembling dark eyes in contrast to their lightly colored feathers. Not only do they look like ornamental birds, but they are also dual-purpose animals. 

The Blue Copper Maran is good at laying eggs and producing meat. The eggs they lay are exceptionally large and a beautiful dark, chocolate color.

The chickens are hardy and grow relatively quickly, making them great for heavy egg production. 

As for meat production, they have an impressive meat-to-bone ratio.

Little maintenance is required to keep these chickens healthy and comfortable. Like all chickens, they need warm, safe housing with ample space to run around. 

Blue Copper Maran hen

This is is a breed of chicken that originates from the Marans region of France. This breed of chicken was developed in the mid 19th century and known for their beautiful deep chocolate-brown eggs. 

The Marans chicken is an old French breed and popular with both farmers and backyard chicken owners because of its exquisite egg color and the breed’s durable and hardy body. 

Marans are an active, hardy breed that is suited to free-range conditions, tolerates cold and heat and usually lays a good quantity of rich-colored eggs. The Blue Copper Maran is a medium-sized breed with a beautiful feather pattern. 

This chicken has a broad chest with wide shoulders and long legs. Its feathers are a steel blue color with rich copper accents and the males have an iridescent greenish black tail. 

The Blue Maran hen has an elegant peak crest and fancy leg feathering and can potentially lay up to 180 eggs per year, though on average they lay about 150 eggs. 

This breed lives an average of eight years and these chickens do well in backyard coops, and often form strong friendships with other chickens. 

Blue Copper Maran Personality

The Blue Copper Maran chicken is a breed of chicken that is known for having a unique and engaging personality. This breed has been around for centuries and is especially popular in France, where it originated. 

The Blue Copper Maran was introduced to the United States in the late 1800s and has since become a favorite of backyard chicken keepers.

The Blue Copper Maran is a medium-sized chicken that typically weighs between four to five pounds when fully grown.

Their unique plumage is the defining trait of this breed and could be described as a deep mahogany color. Some birds have darker shades with hints of green or blue on their wings and tail feathers.

Like many breeds of chickens, this breed is surprisingly intelligent and can be quite friendly with humans. In addition, these birds are generally docile and do not make good guard chickens. They are also considered one of the quieter breeds and make great pets, particularly if you have limited space.

Their curious nature and inquisitive personality sets the Blue Copper Maran apart from other breeds. They’re often found diligently foraging in the yard for insects and other food sources, and aren’t easily frightened away.

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