Blue cuckoo Marans-Is it truly rare?

Blue Cuckoo Marans

The Blue Cuckoo Marans, also known as the Cuckoo Marans, is an ancient breed of chicken originating from the small town of Marans in France. These birds are renowned for their beautiful blue eggs, which are truly a sight to behold. 

These birds are however, not just beautiful; they are also great egg layers, dual purpose birds with a remarkable intelligence. 

The Blue Cuckoo Marans was officially recognized as a breed in 1915 by the French Poultry Standard and is now a widely popular breed in Europe and North America. 

The birds have a single comb and are extremely low maintenance, which is also a major plus. Apart from blue there are also black and white varieties.

The feathering is mostly gray in color with some white and black markings. Blue Cuckoo Maran chickens are quite hardy and active birds, with a delicious, rich gamey flavor. 

They are incredibly intelligent birds that are able to adapt to their surroundings easily and are great foragers.

They often do well in confinement, being easily managed, and can even learn to go back and forth into their coop when called.

Are blue cuckoo Marans rare?

Are blue cuckoo Marans rare? This question has been asked by many poultry enthusiasts looking to add this unique breed to their backyard flocks. 

The answer is both yes and no. Blue cuckoo Marans are considered a rare breed by the American Poultry Association, but they are not considered rare in other countries.

This breed comes from Marans, France, and was developed in the 1800s as a dual purpose breed. 

This breed provides excellent brown eggs, as well as good meat quality. The cuckoo coloring of the blue cuckoo Marans is the result of recessive genes. 

This means that two birds with the cuckoo gene must be bred together in order to produce the blue cuckoo pattern. 

To find this pattern in the flock, consequently, requires breeding more cuckoo birds than usual.

This can make the blue cuckoo Marans harder to find and therefore may be considered rare in certain areas.

Blue cuckoo marans egg production

The Blue Cuckoo Maran chickens are a medium-sized breed of chicken that lay an egg that is heavily speckled with a deep chocolate brown color.

These chickens are a productive egg-layer and one of the most sought after breeds by chicken enthusiasts. 

Additionally, they are the world’s first dual-purpose breed, being valued for their eggs as well as their meat.

The Blue Cuckoo Maran lays an egg that is absolutely gorgeous. With a rich dark brown speckled color, the eggs are considered works of art. 

The dark brown color comes from the breed specific gene that produces the pigment called protoporphyrin IX. The eggs are generally considered medium sized, coming in at around 55 to 57 grams in weight. 

In comparison to other breeds, the Blue Cuckoo Maran’s egg production is impressive.

When in peak production, healthy hens can lay an average of 180 to 200 eggs or more per year. This averages out to around 4 eggs per week!

Blue splash marans

The Blue Splash Marans is a stunning breed of chicken bred in France in the early 20th century. Their gorgeous feathers differ from other breeds due to a few unique specifications. 

The Blue Splash Marans feathers have either a blue or black background, with a white or black edged speculum laced with gray.

The speculum is the area of feathers that make up the outer side of the wings, making the Blue Splash Marans a real beauty.

The breed of chicken is believed to have been created by combining three other breeds of poultry including the Marans, Barbu de Watermael, and Indian Game. 

One of the oldest breeds of French Poultry, the Blue Splash Marans breeds true and has been a popular breed as an exhibition chicken since the creation.Purpose

The Blue Splash Marans birds are best utilized for their eggs. The eggs of the Blue Splash Marans are exceptionally special as they are incredibly dark, chocolate brown when laid. 

As a result, they have become popular to backyard chicken keepers over the past few decades making them a sought-after breed.

Other than their egg-laying capabilities, the Blue Splash Marans is also commonly used as exhibition birds.

Blue Copper Maran

The Blue Copper Maran is an iconic breed of chicken that is distinct for its signature black and blue color feathers, originating from France. 

Belonging to the ‘Marans’ breed of chickens, the Blue Copper Maran is recognized for its high-quality dark meat, deep mahogany-colored eggshells, and of course, its beautiful coloring. 

Originating from the rural district of Marans in western France, it is usually a resident of small backyard flocks.

It is increasingly common to find the Blue Copper Maran in several nations, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

It is well known that these chickens are quiet, kind, and non-aggressive.

The Marans have become a staple amongst backyard chicken keepers because of their affectionate nature and unique colors.

The Blue Copper Maran boasts a friendly temperament, is generally easy to handle, and is moderately adaptable.

They are a good forager and are adept at scrounging for food, making them ideal for backyard keepers looking for a breed that requires less supplemental feed.

Golden cuckoo maran

The Golden Cuckoo Maran breed of chicken is one of the most sought-after breeds of chicken in the world.

Not only are they incredibly good-looking and showy, but they are also excellent egg layers and have a gentle temperament.

Originating in the Paris Basin of France, the Golden Cuckoo Maran is also known as the Poule de Marans a cou criarde.

Prized for their unique deep golden plumage with a blend of yellow and copper hues.

In addition to their pretty looks, these birds are also celebrated for their amazing egg-laying ability. A well-fed Golden Cuckoo Maran can lay up to 150 to 180 eggs in a year.

Bred for their utility purpose rather than as show chickens, the Golden Cuckoo Maran has a gentle, agreeable personality.

They recognize their keepers and are friendly and sociable with both people and other animals.

Blue cuckoo chicken

Blue cuckoo chickens are an incredibly beautiful breed of chicken that come in an amazing variety of colors.

They are popular among backyard chicken keepers because of their ornamental value, utility, and undemanding temperament. 

Typically, blue cuckoo chickens are white with dark blue or black feathers on the back and neck. The wings are bluish-black, sometimes with white tips.

The tail feathers are usually black, with some lighter blue feathering around the edges. 

The beak, eyes, and legs are all bright yellow. Blue cuckoo chickens are hardy and do well in confinement, making them an ideal.

As a flock bird, they are social and enjoy the companionship of other birds and humans. Blue cuckoo chickens are good egg layers, producing light brown eggs that are slightly larger than those of most other breeds. 

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