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Find the Perfect Place for Your Dog-Friendly Brunch 

The weekend brunch is a great way to get out and enjoy some good food while catching up with friends, but if you have a pup in tow, the hunt to find the right brunch spot can be difficult. 

Finding the perfect place that allows dogs and offers a great selection of dishes is key. To get started, do a quick online search for restaurants that are dog-friendly and are known for their brunch. 

Research before leaving

Make sure to read reviews to get an idea of what other pup parents thought of the service and the dishes they offer. Once you narrow down the list to a few of your favorites, call to make sure that, in addition to allowing dogs, the restaurant allows you to bring your pup inside. Not all establishments will allow your pup to join you for the meal. 

When you have a few contenders, most restaurants will have their brunch menu on their website. Take some time to scan the menu and see if it meets your expectations. 

Fresh options, such as omelets, eggs benedict, and mimosas are always a safe bet. Make sure to add the restaurants to a map so you can decide which one is most convenient to your location. 

On the day of, make sure your pup is up-to-date on his vaccinations and outfitted with a collar with your contact information just in case. Since this will be his first time out for brunch, keep him on a leash at all times and provide plenty of treats, so he feels comfortable surrounded by new people and smells. 

The perfect dog-friendly brunch spot is out there, you just need to be mindful when selecting the perfect location. With a little patience and research, you and your pup can enjoy a wonderful brunch that is both delicious and pup-approved.

Touring Dog-Friendly Brunch Spots Across the Country 

Food is a universal love around the world, and one of the most cherished meals for all true foodies, is brunch. Whether you’re in the mood for a slow, relaxed morning or a tasty mid day meal, brunch is the perfect pick-me-up. 

We all know that our four-legged friends are also avid lovers of a good meal, and so why not consider bringing them with you on your next brunching adventure?

Across the country, many cities are now offering dog-friendly restaurants, with outdoor seating options so that man’s best friend can join in on the fun. Whether you live in the city or in the quiet suburbs, you can quickly find unique places to bring your pup. 

Here are just a few great brunch spots around the country that not only have pet-friendly options, but also great food and unique drinks that are perfect for a midday pick-me-up.

1. The Flying Pig Cafe in Los Angeles: This cozy LA brunch spot brings the spirit of California cuisine right to your plate. With its pet-friendly patio area, your pup can join you for a classic brunch meal of their own. Enjoy classic brunch dishes like fluffy eggs benedict, chilaquiles, and even steak and eggs. Plus, try one of their signature drinks like the ‘California Sunshine’ mimosa or the hibiscus strawberry bellini.

2. The Libertine in Austin: Inspired by the French Quarter of New Orleans, this traditional brunch spot has all your classic favorites like crawfish etouffee and beignets. Plus, their pet-friendly deck allows your pup to join you for a meal and a few classic ‘Cajun and Creole’ drinks.

3. The Iron Gate in Washington, DC: This European-style brunch spot features a dog-friendly garden patio where you can relax and enjoy classic dishes like their Five Spice Fried Chicken sandwich or savory ‘cauliflower croquettes’. Plus, sophisticated cocktails like the Madras Mule or the sparkling rose mimosa.

No matter where you’re brunching next, you can find pet-friendly restaurants that have delicious options for everyone. Take your pup out for a mid-day meal and try out some of these great pet-friendly brunch spots across the country.

Top Brunch Restaurants That Welcome Furry Friends

Brunch is a beloved meal enjoyed by many on weekend mornings. For those of us that have four-legged family members, however, brunch can be hard to find that accommodates our furry friends. 

While the options can seem limited, we will give you a guide to some of the top brunch restaurants that welcome furry friends. 

The first restaurant on the list is a California staple, The Dog Cafe. This trendy cafe is known for not only its amazing food, but its expansive outdoor patio, where you can be seated with your pet at your side. As for the food, the Dog Cafe features an extensive brunch menu containing delicious options such as loaded breakfast burritos, Kale and Bool Dill Breakfast Bowls, and an extensive selection of drinks and cocktails. 

Next on the list is the Dog & Bone British Pub, located in West Hollywood. Dog & Bone is a full service restaurant, bar and outdoor patio that serves delicious brunch options such as Fried Chicken and Cornbread Waffles, along with their special “Pupperoni Pizza”. Guests can also enjoy a large selection of beer and unique cocktails while relaxing on their pet-friendly patio. 

The third restaurant on the list is the Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar. Located in Long Beach, Lazy Dog is a great spot for brunching with your furry best friend. This restaurant offers a variety of brunch options such as the classic Eggs Benedict, a Tex-Mex Brunch bowl and the signature Doggy Brunch Plate. As an added bonus, you can invite your pup to join you for their “Sunday Doggy Dining” where your four-legged companion will be treated to their own special meal! 

Last, but certainly not least, is the Hot Dog Stand. This popular West Coast eatery offers a dog-friendly atmosphere and a wide selection of tasty hot dog creations. All of the specialties are served with a side of creamy coleslaw, hot dog chili and other unique toppings that will make your pup drool for more. 

With all these restaurant options, there’s no need to worry about leaving your furry family member at home during brunch. Taking your pup out for a brunch date can be a fun and enjoyable experience for the both of you. Bon Appetite!

Dog-Friendly Brunch Spots: Where to Take Your Dog for a Bite 

When you want to take your pup for a bite to eat, there’s no need to leave them behind. The trend of pet-friendly dining is on the rise, and it’s easier than ever to bring your pup along to brunch. 

From upscale venues to pet-friendly patios, there’s sure to be the ideal spot for you and your pooch to enjoy a leisurely meal. 

Here are the best dog-friendly brunch spots for you to take your furry family member for a bite. 

For a relaxed experience, head over to Grubburger in San Francisco. This eatery offers an outdoor patio with a wide variety of burger options as well as non-meat items. The venue is also pet-friendly, so bring your pup along and enjoy some tasty burgers. 

If you’re looking for a higher-end experience, head over to the Gastropod in Miami Beach. This chic restaurant offers an extensive menu of coastal cuisine and craft beer. 

On Sundays, Gastropod offers a special brunch menu. Not to mention, the restaurant is pet-friendly and two-legged and four-legged guests alike are welcome to check out the incredible scene! 

If you’re in Los Angeles, The Pikey Cafe and Bar is a great place to take your pup for brunch. This cozy establishment offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a full bar. In addition, the venue welcomes small and friendly dogs on their outdoor patio. So you can enjoy a mouth-watering breakfast and some quality time with your furry friend in the sunshine. 

For a brunch spot in Seattle, you can’t go wrong with the Barking Dog Alehouse. This pet-friendly venue is located in a historic building with a large outdoor space. The Barking Dog offers a diverse menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. 

In addition, the bar offers 16 rotating taps, so you and your pup can enjoy some quality time together with a cold beer! No matter which city you’re in, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to take your pup for a bite. With dog-friendly brunch spots on the rise, it’s easier than ever to share a meal with your furry family member.

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