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Lavender Wyandotte chicken

Lavender Wyandotte chickens are relatively new breed that have quickly become popular among farmers and enthusiasts alike.

This chicken breed, which was developed in the US in the late 1800s, is rather uncommon and is noted for its distinctiveness . 

Lavender Wyandotte

The Lavender Wyandotte is a dual purpose breed which means it can be raised both for eggs and for meat production. They have a robust, well muscled body with a broad back and a low laying position. 

They are easy to recognize, with their unique lavender coloring or and white barring on their wings and back. These chickens are not only good egg layers but are also friendly and docile. 

They also boast a good sense of foraging, meaning they can survive in a range of environments, some traditional, some more industrialized.

They are quite active and friendly, and they are known to adjust quickly in almost all types of weather. 

What sets the Lavender Wyandotte apart from other breeds is that they have been selectively bred to lay lavender eggs!

That’s right, with this breed you can get eggs that are just as delicious as traditional eggs, but in a unique hue. 

Lavender wyandotte chicks

Wyandotte is a breed that is gaining in popularity. Known for their distinctive coloration, they make a stunning addition to any backyard flock. 

The Lavender Wyandotte is a popular breed of chicken known for its striking looks. 

The breed, which is considered ‘large’, is black in color with an iridescent iris feather pattern.

This pattern can range from deep lavender to deep red in color, giving the bird a striking look. The feathers are also heavily laced, giving the breed a unique and eye-catching texture. 

The birds are not particularly high-maintenance and can make a great addition to almost any backyard.

They have a friendly disposition and are considered to be an excellent layer of large, brown eggs.

In the warmer months, the birds can also thrive on forage allowing them to truly feel like part of the family.

Lavender wyandotte chickens

Lavender Wyandotte chickens are one of the most beautiful and beloved breeds of chicken around.

Originally developed in the United States in the 1880s, these birds boast a striking purple-tinged lavender hue that many owners find absolutely stunning.

These hens are a wonderful option for home and small-scale poultry keepers due to their exceptional beauty and resilience.

These hens are a wonderful option for home and small-scale poultry keepers due to their exceptional beauty and resilience. 

Once bred for their egg production, many of today’s Lavender Wyandottes are more often kept for their rich coloring. 

Some of these birds may end up as meat birds, while others are simply loved for their good looks, hardiness, and pet-like personality.

Lavender Wyandottes boast a unique, striking look with their beautiful lavender plumage. 

They also come with solid white earlobes and faces, despite their purple feathers.

The breed’s comb is ripe and bright red, and its waddles are pink.

This rich color can range from pale to deep lavender, depending on the age and breed of the bird. 

Since lavenders are fairly new to the market, you may not always find the right shade of purple in a neutral hatchery. 

Violet laced lavender wyandotte

The vibrant and beautiful Violet laced Lavender Wyandotte is a striking breed of chicken with unique and eye-catching features.

It is part of the Wyandotte family which is one of the most popular and oldest American breeds of poultry. 

It is especially loved by small flock breeders because of their good egg laying ability and distinct appearance. 

The Violet laced Lavender Wyandotte is a regular layer of medium-large sized brown eggs. They are fast growers and mature to six pounds in just five to seven months. 

This breed is known for being a reliable layer and a cold-hardy breed, making them an ideal choice for those in areas with colder climates. 

The Violet laced Lavender Wyandotte is known for its unique and attractive plumage.

It gets its name from its coloring, which is a combination of lavender and a violet-blue lace pattern on the wings and back. 

The pattern is always distinct and clear, making it a popular show bird. Its neck is a dark gray color with long black and white flecking throughout.

The neck feathers are more prominent on roosters, giving them a majestic and regal appearance.

Lavender wyandotte vs lavender orpington

When thinking about chicken breeds, the conversation is sure to include the delightful Lavender Wyandotte and the showy Lavender Orpington.

They both have striking coloration and luxurious plumage that are sure to turn heads. 

The Lavender Wyandotte is an American breed with a stocky physique, feathered feet, and a rosecomb. 

This breed is highly cold-tolerant and are excellent egg-layers. On average, Lavender Wyandottes lay about 150 beautiful, light brown eggs per year.

They are a highly active breed that gets along well with other chickens and humans alike. 

The Lavender Orpington is a British breed with a rounder build, covered feet, and a single comb.

They are very hardy birds and are reluctant to get sick. They are also very lovable birds and make amazing companions.

When it comes to laying eggs, Lavender Orpingtons are up to the task, laying about 250 eggs per year. 

Lavender orpington pullet

The Lavender Orpington Pullet is an iconic breed of chicken that’s prized for its vibrant color and docile nature.

With its enticing plumage and socially friendly behaviors, this chicken is sure to be a fantastic addition to your backyard flock. 

The Lavender Orpington Pullet is a medium-size breed with a deep, round body and plush feathers.

Its plumage can vary from mainly lavender to a creamy mottled grayish-lilac. 

This breed has a single comb, stout legs, and is particularly known for its sweet disposition.

When it comes to their egg-laying capabilities, the Lavender Orpington Pullet is a dependable producer.

This breed produces an above average quantity, ranging from 160-240 brown eggs each year.

Even though this breed does not produce as many eggs as some other more popular chickens, this breed is still a great egg-layer. 

Lavender Orpington size

The Lavender Orpington is a larger-sized bird, with show-type birds typically around 6.5–8.5 pounds in weight.

The Lavender Orpington is a breed of chicken that is quickly becoming an increasingly popular choice of backyard chicken owners.

As an ornamental breed, they are attractive and are often kept for show or as pets. 

They are medium-sized with an impressive plumage of striking pale, lavender feathers.

The Lavender Orpington is the only breed of chicken that has a completely lavender plumage – other lighter colored chicken breeds may have lightly colored feathers that can appear to be lavender, but these are not true Lavender Orpingtons. 

This breed is known to be a great choice for backyard flocks as they are an especially docile, gentle bird. 

They are good layers of large, brown eggs and are known to be quite skilled at foraging.

They are also hardy to cold weather and can handle the outdoor elements quite well.

In terms of their plumage, many people find the Lavender Orpington to be stunningly attractive.

This breed generally sports a light lavender color overall, with the head generally having a slightly darker shade.

Lavender orpington egg production

It is a special breed of chicken that is known for its beautiful lavender-tinted feathers and high egg production.

The Lavender Orpington is an excellent choice of breed for backyard chicken keepers, as they offer a stunning appearance to the flock, and have the potential to be a reliable producer of large quantities of eggs.

The Lavender Orpington is an extremely hardy bird, and they are typically large and robust in size. 

Lavender Orpington
Lavender Wyandotte

Their plumage consists of an attractive pastel lavender in color, with a black tail and orange face.

The Lavender Orpington is an excellent egg producer. Hens will typically begin laying at around 6 to 7 months of age, and production levels remain high throughout the remainder of their life. 

On average, an average of 6-7 large white eggs can be expected each week from a healthy Lavender Orpington hen.

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