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Origin of Rutin Chicken

Originating from China, Rutin chicken also called ”World’s smallest chicken” is in fact the result of a cross between Quails and Partridges.

Breeders wanted to create a new breed that combines the beauty of these two breeds and also excels in egg production.

But, You may worry why they are called chickens. Well, maybe one of the reasons to call them chickens is that they lay eggs throughout the year just like chickens.

Origin (Country)China
Eggs250-300 per year
TemperamentDocile and gentle
ColourBlue breast
Weight50 grams
Egg ColourLight brown to Yellowish
Egg Weight30-35 grams
PopularityExotic in China, but not yet outside China
FeedCalcium Rich feed
ParentsCross of Partridge and Quail
PurposeEggs and meat
SizeHuman fist (12-15cm)
Temperature 20-30 degree centigrade
Life span2-4 years

Brief Summary of Rutin Chicken

Rutin Chickens are a rare breed of birds which are native to China.

They are known for their docile, gentle nature and for their mild-mannered behavior. 

The Rutin Chickens are a very hardy breed that can easily adapt to various environments. 

They are good egg layers, with the hens producing up to 300 eggs per year. The eggs are white in color and have a large, round shape. 

The Rutin Chickens are friendly animals that can become good pets if handled properly, as they are very good at responding to people’s attention. 

They can even be trained to respond to voice commands. 

They are also easy to keep as they require minimal space and do not make a lot of noise. 

The Rutin Chickens are a great breed for beginner farmers and backyard keepers.

They are not only easy to care for but they are also disease resistant. 

They are known for their good health and long life span and can easily live up to 5 years.

rutin chickens

Physical Features of Rutin Chicken

As we said earlier, It is the cross of Partridge and Quail, it reflects both of its parents in its color as well.

Reflecting a wide range of colors including Blue, Tile Gray and red breast.

Full of colors as they are, males are the more colorful of the two sexes.

Rutin hens likewise have small, sleek, and compact single combs.

Their wattles are similarly tiny, occasionally hardly perceptible.

The legs of these birds are typically the same color as their beaks, which are typically yellow.

Rutin Chickens are lightweight because of their thin bones, which are a result of their small, fragile frames. 

Males normally weigh around 40 grams and are between 11 and 13 cm long, whilst females typically weigh around 55 grams and are between 12 and 16 cm long. 

A typical adult Rutin chicken can often fit in the palm of your hand. Even more little, the chicks are about the size of a dime.

More inherent of the two of its parents, Rutin Chicken are more like Partridge thus being unable to fly for long distance.

Personality & Temperament of Rutin Chicken

Rutin Chickens are extremely docile and friendly in nature. Perhaps due to their small size, they are not aggressive at all.

You can’t keep them with other poultry breeds because of their small size and docile nature. 

Rutin hens are also naturally curious. When given the option, they will happily scavenge for food and enjoy exploring their surroundings. 

As long as they have enough food and light, it is also viable to keep these birds in more compact, smaller places. 

Rutin chickens enjoy exploring, yet they are able to adapt to a limited space.

It is not advised to keep them free range as they are so small and can be easy prey for larger hunting birds.

Egg Production & Broodiness

While Rutin Chicken females are great egg layers producing about 300 eggs a year.

Their eggs may be smaller in size that weigh around 30-35 grams. Rutin Chicken eggs are light brown to yellowish in color.

Rutin chicken females also show broodiness. They tend to sit on eggs and hatch them.

It could be a great idea to hatch Rutin chicken eggs for new production on a large farm.

Coop Cleanliness

You want your Rutin chickens to live in a tidy, sanitary environment, just like conventional chickens and other animals. 

Maintain a clean and sanitary feeding area by regularly cleaning the coop, eliminating waste, and washing the water trough. 

Change the bedding frequently as well to keep the feeding area from getting very unclean.

What’s Special about Rutin Chicken Eggs?

As a new breed, we don’t know everything about the nutritional value of Rutin chicken so far. 

But we essentially know that it contains an additional substance called “Rutin” which is a bioflavonoid, also called vitamin P, found in many vegetables and fruits e.g Apples, figs,citrus and green tea. 

It has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and helps our body to use vitamin C and stop aging skin.

Health Concerns And Lifespan

Rutin Chicken have a short lifespan of 2-3 years as compared to normal chickens.

They may not be prone to diseases that normal chickens have but as any living organisms, they can get ill. 

It is best to keep them in a wide cage where they can play around. 


For Rutin hens, use a balanced feed formula with components such as maize, soybean meal, fish meal, bran, grass or leaf meal, bone meal, stone meal or shell meal, as well as Rutin chicken special premix.

As we know, they are high egg laying birds, So we have to give them a high calcium and phosphorus diet.

Feed containing oyster egg shells will be a great choice for these little birds.


 As with Chickens, Rutin chickens also need 12 hours daylight to produce eggs throughout the year. 

You can place them outside during the day and lit their cage after evening to give them full access to light.

The Breeding Status of Rutin Chicken

Rutin Chickens are the newest breed of poultry. It is only known to some people outside of China. 

Chinese people love this breed and keep them as pets and ornamental birds.

The Chinese have gone crazy about this breed and they love to eat its eggs and keep it as a show bird. 

The Chinese are trying their best to make this new breed worldwide.

As a world leading country, China will indeed soon export this unique bird and earn millions of dollars in revenue.

But with time, its popularity will increase. Two of its great aspects are :

i. Its ability to lay eggs year round.

iii. The nutritional value of its egg surpasses that of ordinary chicken eggs.   

Final Words

The Rutin also called”Mini Chickens” is a great dual purpose breed for beginners and pet lovers. It is very very easy to keep them in a small space. 

Unlike chickens, they are tension free birds. They will make no noise nor are they aggressive like few poultry breeds. 

Another big benefit of keeping these birds is their unique value they bring to the house.

Your neighbors will surely come to see your beloved birds and may ask you to sell chicks or eggs for hatching.

Rutin Chicken don’t need much space to live. You can make a small space outside or inside your room window for them and they will be more than happy in it.

It may not be easy for you to find Rutin Chicken in New York but once you get to raise them, it will be a great experience if you are a pet lover.

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